A place to unwind

Samudra Resort is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Spend your time here relaxing and rejuvenating so you can enjoy every minute.

Book your stays with Samudra resort if you can’t find Hotels near Beach Puri.
Puri is a popular tourist spot that can accommodate visitors of all kinds. Whether you're looking for a luxury hotel near the Jagannath temple or a Puri hotel near the sea, this one won't disappoint you. This location is ideal for history buffs and all the fun activities it hosts. Indeed, it is the land of sand, sun, and much more. As it is one of the major religious places of India, the Hotels near Beach Puri are always overcrowded with people. People usually choose beach resorts due to their varied advantages. If you are finding it difficult to find a hotel near the Beach, then you can choose the Samudra resort, built on the banks of the Brahmagiri river and the mouth of the Bay of Bengal.

What are the various facilities available at the Samudra resort that makes it similar to the puri beach hotels?
Modern life's rising stress and anxiety levels necessitate a vacation away from the crowds of city life. Samudra Resort provides the same thing. The numerous subsets utilized here to successfully restore our guests' happiness include the resort's facilities, the breathtaking beauty of the water by the river and sea, and the utter stillness. Our resort combines luxury and budget-friendly packages in its cottages, which feature the most cutting-edge facilities and amenities. Our resort is known for its comfortable stays for families and couples, luxurious cottages, and a wide variety of activities that are friendly to the environment, with luxury and tranquillity combined with locations like the river, dolphin watching, and the sea. With the sand between your toes and the wind in your hair, our unassuming beachfront resort is the ideal setting for sampling local delicacies. You can Sit outside in the open with sangria while taking in the ocean view from its thatched roof. We also provide an unforgettable Boating experience, navigating the mangrove forests simultaneously. It could be a fun ride for a single traveller or a couple because the surrounding mangrove forests create a sense of mystery.

Riverside BBQ

Water Sports

Dolphin Sighting - Sea Mouth

Adventure Water Sports

From exhilarating rides on a jet ski to a serene boat ride in crystal blue waters amidst nature, you will never fall short of options . Elevate your stay in by indulging in exciting water sporting activities.

It's all thrills and spills here! Get your gear on and dive straight into the chilly waters of Brahmagiri. Engage in water sport activities and take up Speed Boating and Jet Skiing for the rush, Kayaking for the sweat or go on the boat rides for the views!

Chilka Wildlife

Chilika has a pride of place in Odisha's literature and culture, and has influenced the poets and philosophers. It has held great significance for planners, scientists, international organizations like 'The Wetlands International' and 'Asian Wetland Bureau'. Chilika lagoon has been designated as a Ramsar site (Wetland of International importance) from the 1st October, l981

Over a million birds congregate in this water body for feeding and roosting. Migration commences in late September the birds remain up to April, but the peak congregation period is mid-December to middle of January. Birds belonging to over 230 species including 14 birds of prey (32% aquatic, 22% waders, and 46% terrestrial birds) are seen in this lake, of which 95 species are intercontinental and local migrants

Alarnatha Mandira

The famous Alarnatha Mandira is at Brahmagiri. Hundreds of pilgrims visit the shrine here during the anabasara of Lord Jagannath. Baliharachandi, a sacred place and tourist spot, is around 10 km south. It is on sand dunes.

Nearest airport is Biju Patnaik International Airport at Bhubaneswar and the nearest railway station is at Puri and Sakhi Gopal is a near by train station as well.

Boat Rides

Boating is an experience of a life time. While sailing through the mangrove forests.

Moreover, boating in Brahmagiri Nature will also provide an elevating experience. Especially while you’re boating in to the seas of Bay of Bengal.

This is an amazing experience on the river of Brahmagiri. The sunset time is relatively cooler, and creates the red-orange hues reflected in the river. The mangrove forests around create a sense of mystery, and it could be a fun ride for a solo or couple traveller.

Sunset View

This rustic beachfront is perfect for enjoying local delicacies with the sand in your feet and the wind in your hair. Take in the view of the ocean under its thatched roof or sit out in the open with a sangria in hand. Don't expect music though, for the ambience here is set by the sound of waves crashing nearby. Sip, swim, repeat.

Read, talk, reflect

Sometimes, all our guests want to do is sit beside the river and tune into the sounds of nature. This can be a deeply soothing and therapeutic experience. How often do we get the chance to do this? Make full use of our proximity to the river. Read. Talk. Enjoy a siesta at one of the best Samudra resorts.

Picnic on the islands

For the more adventurous, there’s the exciting island picnic. The River Brahamagiri . Each is a small world, waiting to be discovered. It’s a perfect outing for the whole family. Our guide will accompany you. We’ll even get a picnic basket. Sunbathe in the sands. Explore geography. Make happy memories at one of the best Samudra resorts.

Special Amenities And Services

  • Reading tables and benches
  • Food and beverages can be served on request
  • Picnic on the islands
  • Foot reflexology by the river

Some people find it difficult to book Hotels near Beach Puri, and that is where Samudra resort comes to your rescue. You can enjoy The red-orange hues reflected in the river are caused by the sunset's relatively cooler hour, just like on the Puri beach.